Friday, 22 March 2013

rs. aph then we practice our dance it was camp and i was in the cooperatowas osim and that was the first day . Then we did basket ball, roller blades and ping pong and our dance again next was top town. we started making water balloons then we crossed the river with boards and had a water fight then we watched mr popper's penguins it was hilarious one penguin broke everything ha ha ha I seed. We started with kayaking with Mr Burt I was in a double with sohel we had a race we paddled and paddled until we won yay.then get lost then we cort eals and made steamed I thought the fish tasted like mussels but thats me. then we had a swim and shower at GI pools. it was amazing. On Friday we went to Mangere pools. There was a volcano and it had nice and hot water to in it. quit it and hydro slides that go way too fast . free time for the whole day everyone had a wonderful time. Next camp is at an island. Yay! I enjoyed kayaking the most then top town and Mangere pools. I also want to be camp leader. We got to blog first I did one paragr On Wednesday I jumped for joy. It

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  1. Hey Brooklyn, My name is Secoria Burks. I am a student at the University of South Alabama in America. I like your post it sounds like you really enjoyed your camp. I think it's really cool that you guys went kayaking. I am afraid to try to you did it is kind of inspiring. Also I love your background for your page.


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